Print – Geophysiology IV


Signed fine art print.

Printed on archival fine art paper with archival inks.

A3 (297mm x 420mm)


07/17. Charcoal, Oil and Mixed media on board. 965mm x 695mm.

The symbolism in the Gaia series is not without reason. They represent a very certain sardonic
irony. Both crows and doves are considered among the most intelligent of earths creatures and yet
both are derided as pests. Crows, loud, rambunctious, are most often associated with a long history
of fear and loathing. While considered pests by farmers especially they in fact provide a valuable
service to people by eating insects and carrion. They help keep our environment healthy and clean,
especially in and around urban areas. Research demonstrated crows are actually very social and
caring creatures, and also among the smartest animals on the planet. Known for their intelligence
and adaptability they are known for their problem-solving skills and amazing communication skills.
The irony of course lies in the similarities between crows and humans. While we consider ourselves
the most intelligent of creatures, despite our ‘intelligence and adaptability, problem-solving skills
and amazing communication skills’, we remain so ignorant and destructive in so many regards.